Sights And Sounds – Dubai

Are you one of those enthusiastic persons who would do anything to have a great weekend? If so, you are going to enjoy your trip to another country a great deal. In fact, you come across as a person who is almost always willing to get ready to pay a visit to a wonderful tourism spot. It is always exiting to pay a trip to a new location. You end up learning things about different parts of the world, the landscapes and what not. On the other hand, you also enjoy your stay and get friendly with local people. This has been the trend for ages and remains a healthy practice to this day.

Coming back to your recent trip, now that you have your bags packed and gear ready, it is time to head to Dubai, but before you do so, have you thought about places you are going to visit there? If not, you should spend an hour or two searching some of the best tourism spot in that city. Make no mistake about the fact that it is home to some of the most entertaining tourism spots in the entire region. Here is a glimpse into what you will possibly see:

Snow Park

No, it is not fantasy, rather a reality that you will find in the middle of the desert. The state of the art snow park lies in the middle of the city that is surrounded by desert. As hard as it seems to believe, the park has cutting edge technologies to keep the inside temperature below -10 Celsius. You can enjoy all types of snow related games from ice hockey, to snowboarding. Skiing is fun when you drop from heights that too when the outside temperature soars above 45 degrees Celsius.

Desert Safari

Here comes the real deal. You’ve heard about it, and so has the world. The desert safari can be attributed to Dubai in so many ways. The SUVs carrying you over the desert but covered with the chilling AC inside the cabin. You will not only have the real joy of traveling in the desert, but will also have an opportunity to the old fashioned camel ride. If you fancy your horse riding skills, you might as well have a horse ride but only if the tour provider allows.

This is just the appetizer, and the real fun will begin once you land at the Dubai airport. In the meantime, take your time and plan the trip.


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